my bolf not quite a bmw but..

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my bolf not quite a bmw but..

Postby CustomCoupe » Tue May 05, 2009 1:36 pm

After the e36 coupe last year i really wanted a mk4 golf,so i got one!Its a 1.8T 20v and goes pretty well altho am advertising it for sale as do fancy another bm more e36 m3 or e46 vert summit like that!
anyway,have put a bora front end on the golf,uber rare porsche rims withs 10j on the rears :D coilovers,side exit,u.s spec bumpers etc etc has been a good lil project :lol:
here it is a jkm rr day made 193bhp and 235lb torque not bad from the standard 150bhp :)
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Postby Dips » Tue May 05, 2009 1:42 pm

looks cool dude :thumbs-up:
love the exhaust :D
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Postby CustomCoupe » Tue May 05, 2009 1:47 pm

and hasnt got the bain of my life,is this the car with air ride?LOL
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Postby Adonis_Bimmer » Tue May 05, 2009 2:44 pm

I recognise those wheels from a blue MK4? Looks great dude.
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Postby Mr Sideways » Tue May 05, 2009 2:57 pm

That looks awsome!
Iv allways wanted a golf project.
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Postby WoodyM3evo » Tue May 05, 2009 3:40 pm

Very nice mate. :thumbs-up:
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Postby TangoBeemer » Tue May 05, 2009 6:12 pm

very nice.

Is that the rolling road in Portsmouth?

I want to go there. whats it like.
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Postby Cam » Tue May 05, 2009 6:54 pm

You done a good job on it mate 8)
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Postby Andy » Tue May 05, 2009 7:54 pm

Liking that mate :) A few things not my cuppa but loving the overall subtle looks :thumbs-up:

E36 M3?!?! Surely you'd not euro another?
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Postby Bhups » Tue May 05, 2009 8:14 pm

Looking slick.
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Postby SYE » Tue May 05, 2009 10:33 pm

yeah i like that very cool.
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Postby Kidd » Tue May 05, 2009 10:59 pm

ahh saweeeeeeeeet
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Postby CustomCoupe » Wed May 06, 2009 11:47 am

yeah thats jkm in portsmouth,on the website the rollers etc look huge but in real life there about 2ft high lol real small.but the service etc is great i went on an rr day had 3 runs for £30 usually around £50 i think,well worth going.

yeah the rims are from the blue mk4 found out he was local to me so had them off him,only the fourth set of rims ive had on there lol.

Wouldnt go to mad on another bm,thought id held back on this tbh!,altho there are alot more subtle mods,and things you dont see,fk anti roll bars,poly bushes etc.Just fancy somthing with a fat set of rims,decked and a bita camber.tbh will probably end up keeping the golf and retrimming the interior and doing a few other bits and bobs have advertised it but will just see how it goes!
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Postby Dan323 Cab » Wed May 06, 2009 5:15 pm

looks cool mate love the exhaust :thumbs-up:
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Postby Katie_K » Wed May 06, 2009 6:13 pm

I reckon thats a pretty darn cool piece of kit, love it :)
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